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 Fitness classes are available to everyone. Each class typically lasts 1 hour.

Classes offered are:

*Circuit Training 

*Legs, Bums & Tums

*Total Body Tone


£12.50 per hour, minimum of 4 bookings 

(payment in advance is required)

Personal training

Whether you lack motivation or are training for something specific, having  Personal Training sessions will significantly improve your chances of success.

With added peace of mind that you are performing the exercises correctly and safely under the watchful eye of a fully qualified Personal Trainer.


At the gym £35 per hour (£17.50 for thirty minutes)

At your home £40 per hour (within catchment area)


Private use


The gym is available to hire by the hour for private use subject to availability. This gives you and up to 3 friends or family exclusive use of the gym all to yourself.

Offering a range of fitness equipment from cardio machines, weights and a TRX suspension trainer.

You will receive an induction and will be shown how to use all of the equipment and you will have a gym program created for you based on your goals should you want one.


Induction & program £25.00

Gym use £15.00 for individual use

Gym use £10.00 pp for two or more 

seniors Classes

Fitness classes for the over 60’s  provide a variety of different  exercises to help with strength, mobility and endurance that may be lacking in day to day activities.

You work at your own pace.

Class duration is approximately 30-40 minutes.

These run all year round.


£10.00 per class

the hardest

part is starting





Classes For All Fitness Levels

The four main classes available provide a great balance between muscle toning, cardiovascular training and muscular endurance training. Due to the size of the classes being limited to four people at any one time the classes are more like a group Personal Training session than your typical large fitness class. This allows more focus on each individual to ensure the exercises are being performed correctly minimising the risk of injury and maximising the time you spend training so you achieve the best results from your workout. The Classes run all year round.

Circut training

A popular old classic for good reason! You are getting a high intensity muscular and cardiovascular endurance workout with the use of cardio machines and weights, this class ticks all the boxes.

total body tone

This class covers all bases! Strength training, endurance work and cardio training are all thrown into the mix. It gets the heart rate going and the muscles pumped!

Legs bums tums

This class focuses on the muscular strengthening and toning of these 3 key areas which are often neglected, frequently leading to poor posture a weak core and lower back issues.

Combined with some cardio training you are getting a great structural body workout.


Seniors Classes

This class is aimed at the over 60’s, focusing on mobility exercises, balance work and a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises. You work at your own pace finishing off with a variety of stretches to help with flexibility.


Personal Training

If you want to achieve your fitness goals in a safe, productive and efficient way then Personal Training is for you. With a professional Personal Trainer to guide you every step of the way, people tend to reach their goals a lot more quickly. You also have the added benefit of continued support and motivation at every session. Whether you are training for a specific goal, specific sport or are just starting your fitness journey we will guarentee you significant improvements in many aspects of your health and fitness.

It just takes commitment.


Weight Loss

One of the most requested goals for people is a weight loss program. Successful and sustained weight loss predominantley comes from managing food intake and diet planning. There is no magic potion or secret to success, weight loss is simply about expending/restricting more calories than you are consuming.

With a proven diet & fitness plan that works you will achieve your weight loss goals provided you put the work in.



People often confuse bulging muscles with strength, but in actual fact bulging muscles are from body building not necessarily from strength training. The muscles respond to different types of training stimulus in order to develop the way we want them to, and grow based on training intensity and calorie consumption.

By incorporating some strength training into your training program you will be pleasantly suprised how being stronger makes you feel.



A key component in not only efficient heart and lung functioning, cardio training provides a multitude of other health benefits.

Fortunatly there are many different methods to acheive results, and progress can be measured fairly simply.

Not everyone will achieve the “runners high” however the positive benefits associated with cardio training can’t be ignored.    



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