Training Options


  • Personal Training/Fitness Coaching

  • Sports Specific Coaching

  • Total Body Conditioning & HIIT

  • Get with the Programme

Personal Training/Fitness Coaching

This service is offered to Clients on a one to one basis. One to one training allows you to maximise the time spent training with the most efficient and productive exercises to suit your goals.

The training is carried out in a private studio in Sedlescombe, East Sussex.

Having a fully qualified Coach gives you the peace of mind that you are exercising in the safest and most efficient way possible, eliminating the risk of injury from exercising incorrectly and following a structured professional plan.


£35.00 per hour

£240.00 for eight 1 hour sessions



Sports Specific Training 

If you participate in sport on a regular basis either as a hobby or at a competitive level, I am confident I will be able to improve your game with some sports specific training.

By implementing new exercises and making adaptions to your current training program I maximise your time spent training to achieve the most beneficial results.

I take your chosen sport and look at the biomechanics relevant to it and then create the training program based on you your chosen field.

£35.00 per hour

£240.00 for eight 1 hour sessions



Total Body Conditioning/HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval training is also available for those who already have a reasonable base level of fitness.

If you are short on time this training offers a fast paced session that targets the major muscle groups and incorporates a cardio workout as well.


£12.50 One to one – 30 mins, £15.00 One to two – 30 mins





Get with the Programme

This method of training is carried out via an app and is more cost effective than one to one training.

Training programme’s tailored specifically for your goals.  Do it at home, in your local gym or public space.

From £50.00 per month






How often should I train?

We are all very different but as a general guideline for a beginner you will notice significant improvements in your health and fitness if you train twice a week for an hour at a time. This can be split into more frequent training sessions for shorter periods of time if required.

I offer a variety of plans to suit you and your specific requirements. For more information please email