Having spent many years working in the fitness industry I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

From those wanting to lose some weight to preparing people for competitive sporting  events I have covered it.

With continued guidance and support throughout your training program I provide you with the best strategy  to help you as an individual get the most out of your training.

I understand we are all different, training plans are based on your individual requirements and goals.

Your success is extremely important to me.  

I aim to provide people with the best possible help and guidance to create a healthy, realistic and sustainable approach to their fitness goals and lifestyle choices. With hard work, grit and determination you can achieve anything you set your mind to.



“I have been training with James for a few months now and I have noticed huge improvements in many aspects of my health and fitness, I feel so much fitter, stronger and happier. I have also lost weight on my stomach which I am really pleased about”

S.R, March 2019

James is professional, reliable, encouraging and motivating, with a sound knowledge of anatomy physiology and nutrition.  A pleasant way of exercising in a well equipped studio, looking out over nice gardens.  Affordable price list”

T, May 2018

“James is an excellent trainer. He listens to what goals you want to achieve (whether there body goals, mental goals or activity goals) and bases your training around them. 
I had been going to the gym 4 days a week before meeting James and I have found since starting training with him I feel the strongest I have ever felt, my body is looking toned and going the way I want. Which I think is crazy as I was doing so much more exercise before and wasn’t receiving the results. Every session is different and great fun. As a client I can say that he has made feel looked after, comfortable and focused. He is a genuine and lovely person and truly brings the best out of you.”

Ethan, February 2018

“James is experienced, knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with. The sessions are varied and enjoyable and he is skilled at getting maximum results. 
He puts a lot of thought into every aspect of my health and fitness which has improved greatly over the last few months. So much so that we are now working at competition level -something I never imagined possible! 
The impact of Personal Training sessions with James has much broader benefits than my fitness and strength alone. Increased energy has given me renewed purpose and focus on all aspects of my life. I thoroughly recommend him!”

                                                                                                                                   S.Millns 10/10/2017

Client Results

Due to client confidentiality initials have been used for individuals results.

Client looking to improve general fitness and distance running times. Via email:

“Running is going well though – just smashed PB again to go sub-27 mins for first time ever!”

Client with weight loss and general conditioning goals.


Body weight: 68.7 kg. Waist: 84 cm. Hips: 101 cm. 


Body weight: 66.4 kg. Waist: 79 cm. Hips: 98 cm

Client with weight loss and improved general health goals.


Body weight: 114.1 kg. Waist: 112 cm. Hips: 115 cm


Body weight: 97.7 kg. Waist: 99 cm. Hips: 105 cm

*Not only have these clients achived great results with their body measurements, they have significantly improved upon thier strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness levels.