The simple truth.

If you burn more calories than you eat you lose fat.

In order to lose weight/fat it is lifestyle and eating habits that have to change in order to achieve long term success.

Fad diets often work for initial weight loss but if they are not sustainable long term the weight will creep back on.

It takes time to become overweight and so too will it take time to lose weight, the key to long term success is commitment, drive and determination.

You gotta dig deep to get results!

Three tried and tested training methods for fat loss

Low-intensity Training over long time periods, for example a 3 mile walk at a low to moderate pace will elevate the heart rate enough for the body to use fat stores for energy.

For this option of training it is all about the duration, it has to be for prolonged periods of time for this to be effective (a minimum of 1 hour will be beneficial).

This method of training also has a positive effect on your immune system and limits the stress placed on muscles and joints.

Activities that support this method of training; walking, cycling, swimming, bowling, golf, badminton, horse riding, skating, paddle-boarding, canoeing.

Strength Training can help to burn lots of fat. Scientific research has shown following a strength training program not only improves physical strength but also lowers body fat.

This is due to post-exercise energy expenditure from lifting weights, your metabolic rate remains elevated even after the training session is over.

Lifting weights also benefits body composition and lean muscle, therefore making the body as a whole more efficient.

Research also shows improved confidence, self esteem, well being and sleep patterns from following a weight lifting program.

High Intensity Cardio (HIIT) is one of the most effective training options out there, not for everyone due to the nature and intensity of the exercises, but if you are in good general health it is well worth considering.

The exercises should be carried out for 20-90 seconds each at a high to maximum intensity followed by a rest period of up to 2 minutes before starting the next exercise. The benefit of this type of training is the total amount of calories burnt and also that a session usually only lasts 20-30 minutes, so is ideal for those short of time.


In an ideal world a combination of all three types of training will be highly beneficial to achieve weight loss and general fitness goals.