The Wellness Club

What is it?

We have all been through disruptive, uncertain and worrying times in the past few months, hopefully we are through the worst of it and we can now start to get our lives back on track.

More so than ever mental and physical health has come under the spotlight, and rightly so, we have learned a lot about ourselves both in a positive and sometimes negative way.

What shines through the whole dreadful experience is the need for us humans to be at the very least content in our lives.

The aim behind The Wellness Club is to try and create and reaffirm the balance between mental and physical health by stimulating the two vastly complicated mechanisms to work together.

By encorporating a wide variety of exercises and activities with varying degrees of difficulty the mind and body will be challenged in a positive way to hopefully create a happy you!

What’s involved?

There won’t be any chanting, holding hands or making daisy chains!

What there will be is an eclectic mix of exercises and activities to promote a variety of differnt health benefits. They won’t all necessairily suit everyone but you are urged to give as many a go as you can and and have fun!

The activities vary week to week and you can see all of the up and coming activities and locations on The Wellness Club calender.

When do the exercise classes or activities take place?

Weekly on Tuesdays 09:30 -11:00

Weekly on Thursdays 13:30 – 14:45

There are also “one off” sessions which are worth checking out on the Calender

The locations vary depending on what’s going on and are posted on The Wellness Club calender with any additional information that’s relevant.

There will be indoor and outdoor locations to try and keep the balance. Some activities may be weather dependant.

More on the exercise classes and activities.

The aim is for anyone attending to train at their own level, it doesn’t matter if you are an elite athelte or complete beginner, you set your own workrate.

The types of things you will be doing are:

  • Boot Camps – a class that targets total body training, fairly challenging but fun!
  • Hiking – a fast paced hike through the beautiful countryside.
  • Sea swimming – Have you always fancied the idea? The health benefits are numerous!
  • Stretch and relaxation – Mobility exercises and stretching followed by some relaxation, just the job!
  • Legs, bums & tums – A wobbly bit toning session!
  • And many more! (see activities in more detail)

The emphasis is on a friendly fun environment for all who attend, there are certain activities that are more challenging than others, but you work to your own level! Your health and safety is the top priority when attending any of the activities.


Due to the very nature of The Wellness Club the cost has been kept to the bare minimum to make it affordable to all.

By far the cheapest way to take part is by signing up to the monthly membership option, this allows you to attend as many of the classes for the month as you like with some added freebies along the way.

The classes or activities run for approximately one and half hours which allows the optimum amount of time to warm up, cool down and chill out as required! You won’t be exercising for the entire time!

You have three payment options:


  1. Monthly membership, unlimited sessions £60.00 per month (email:
  2. Monthly membership, four sessions £35.00 per month (email:
  3. Pre pay online £11 per session (subject to availability)

Please note some of the activities have restricted attendance numbers, these will be visible on The Wellness Club Calender. You purchase your ticket via the Calender and pay via paypal.

Due to all that is involved in organising and setting up the various activities, sessions paid for but not attended by you are non refundable, and they are not carried over month on month.

Members benefits

  • Access to the traing app for when you can’t make a session, this covers a variety of different training plans to suit your mood. Varying intesities for you to pick and chose from
  • In app body weight tracking, body measurements, goal setting and lots more
  • Nutrition plans and guidance
  • Priority booking
  • Various freebies along the way!



Activities in more detail

Here is a list of all the activities in more detail with an intensity/difficulty rating and what you may need to bring along.

Body Tone – Specific muscle toning exercises using body weight and free weights.

Difficulty: Medium. Bring: water, training/yoga mat, small towel.

Boot Camp – Military style training session, targeting muscular endurance and cardiovascular training exercises, lifting, pulling, jogging etc.

Difficulty: Medium/hard. Bring: water, small towel, exercise gloves

Cardio & Respiratory Session – A mixture of exercises and breathing techniques to improve your heart and lung function. A variety of exercises with some jogging, sprinting and sitting! It will get the heart pumping and the breathing going but you work at your own pace!

Difficulty: Easy/medium/hard. Bring: water, training/yoga mat, small towel.

Circuit Training – An old classic! Some good old fashioned circuit training that targets as many muscle groups as possible! With the use of weights and and exercises to give you an all over body workout.

Difficulty: Medium. Bring water, small towel, exercise gloves

Endurance Training – High reps focusing on muscular endurance and stamina training, mainly body weight exercises.

Difficulty: Medium/hard. Bring: water, energy drink, training/yoga mat, small towel.

Hiking – A brisk walk/hike in various locations, with an emphasis on taking in some lovely views and working up a bit of a sweat.

Difficulty: Easy/medium. Bring: walking boots or trainers, walking tousers, water, nibbles

HIIT & Chill – Bringing you the best of both worlds! A high intensity training session targetting multiple muscle groups with weight bars and dumb bells followed by relaxing session to recoup and relax.

Difficulty: Hard then easy! Bring: water, energy drink, training/yoga mat, small towel, pillow

Legs, Bums & Tums – A session that focuses on toning the wobbly regions of the body! A balanced mixture of strength and tone for greatest effect.

Difficulty: Easy/medium. Bring: water, training/yoga mat, small towel.

Sea Swim – In the press a lot at the moment, the health benefits of cold water swimming with scientific evidence to support it are numerous. It takes place in Bexhill by the lifeguard station. If you have always fancied having a go why not get involved while the weather is warmer. Its addictive!

Difficulty: Easy/medium. Bring: water and warm drink, towel, warm clothes, beach shoes

Stress Buster Session – Need to let off some steam!? Then this is for you, a variety of activities with some aspects of boxing training/punching pads. It works wonders!

Difficulty: Easy/medium. Bring: water, training/yoga mat, small towel, pillow

Stretch & Relax Session – A very gentle session focusing on some mobility exercises followed by some developmental stretching and nice long lie down at the end! Time to switch off!

Difficulty: Very easy. Bring: water, training/yoga mat, small towel, pillow, blanket