For hundreds of years far Eastern countries have been practicing relaxation, meditation and self development on a daily basis.  Lost on the majority of the western world for many years things have now began to change, the importance of mental, spiritual and emotional health are recognised as playing an important role in our overall well being.

Whether this is something you are into or not there is growing evidence to support the benefits of reaching a relaxed state of mind.

The key factor in incorporating some relaxation time into your day is time management, you don’t need long, as little as 10 minutes can have a very positive impact on our mental state.  You have to make that time for yourself, no distractions, no excuses!

Making a start…

It’s as simple as finding the time to be alone, whether that is outside in a quiet public location or in your home or garden.

Eliminate the distractions, put some relaxing music on and just sit for a few minutes focusing on your breathing.  Close your eyes  inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  As thoughts come into your head allow them to come and go freely, don’t focus on one thing and try not to think about things you have to do or haven’t done!  Think about things that make you happy or places you have been to associated with positive emotions.  Let yourself day dream and escape from reality, go on your own little journey.

The more you practice this simple method the easier it will become.

This can also help in sending you off to sleep, rather than thinking about the trials and tribulations of the day, take yourself on a calm and pleasant journey, dismiss the negative thoughts, focus on deep breathing and focus the mind.

Do a class

By starting a class that focuses on helping you to channel your energy, you stand a much greater chance at being able to tap into a relaxed state.

Everyone is different so finding a class that suits you is very important.  Some suggestions would be:

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Pilates

If these aren’t for you something as simple as walking or jogging can help with relaxation, taking in your surroundings and enjoying all that nature has to offer.  You will be surprised at how much we don’t see in our day to day lives!

The importance of relaxation can’t be highlighted enough for adults and children alike.  The modern world has most of us walking around like pressure cookers waiting to explode!

Make the time, enjoy the moment, breath deeply and relax…