Who is this for?

Does it work?

Pro’s & Con’s?

Online distance training is for the complete beginner or advanced athlete alike.

The benefits of following an exercise program created and designed by a professional coach far outweigh trying to do it alone.  There is a lot of advice for people online, however this does not always come from people who are qualified to give the advice!

As a beginner you need to get the body prepared and mobilised before rushing headlong into a full scale body attack! Injury will be the only outcome!  The beginners program is the perfect way to get you on track to making exercise part of you routine.

For the advanced athlete implementing some simple “tweaks” to a training program can make the difference between winning and losing an event or achieving your new PB.

For those people that are “somewhere in between” these two levels they are the ones who potentially have the most to gain.  The body responds extremely well to new exercise stimulus, by starting a new program or progressing an existing one you stand in good stead for further progression.

Does it work?

The simple answer is yes! Providing you are dedicated and strict enough with  yourself.

The use of the app allows the coach to track your progress and is notified if you miss a training session!  There is flexibility with the program, so if you can’t do a training session on your allocated day you can move it to a different day.

You also track your weight and body stats throughout the duration of the program and there are a number of different options available to you with the type of training you do.  For example if jogging isn’t your thing then a swimming program can be incorporated into the  program to complement your resistance training.

It ticks all the boxes required in order for you to reach your goals.

Pro’s & Con’s


Walshaw Fitness provides the client with numerous different options when it comes to choosing an online training program, and this can be done in your own home or in conjunction with a gym membership.  With a variety of different programs to suit all levels distance training is a more cost effective way of training than having a fitness coach or expensive gym membership. You can achieve great results with the bare minimum if you know what you are doing.  For the beginners program you don’t need any equipment and you can still get yourself in great shape before progressing to the next level.

You will have the confidence in knowing that the exercises you are doing will deliver the maximum benefit and push you safely to the levels required in order to get results.  So many people exercise on a regular basis and don’t make any progress, something as simple as the incorrect amount of repetitions, bad form and even over training all have parts to play in a stagnant training program.

The cost for distance training is obviously significantly lower than having your own trainer and can also be more beneficial than having a program created by a newly qualified and over eager fitness instructor at your local gym!


Although a great way to train there are of course downsides to distance training.  It is not the same as having a fitness coach or personal trainer, who (providing they are good at their job) will guide you step by step through your fitness journey, offering a multitude of advice and guidance with all aspects of your training.

You will need to have the drive and will power to commit and stay focused.  It is very easy to put off a training session and you only have yourself to answer to! A simple solution to this would be to train with a partner or friend of a similar fitness level to help with staying motivated.

Increased risk of injury is something that you should be aware of, but providing you follow the exercises with the correct form and don’t push yourself too hard too soon there should be no reason to injure yourself.

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